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All land surveying companies need drafting members to produce drawings that show the gathered information from surveyors. However, you can just opt to outsource drafting tasks to Land Survey Drafting services.

As a Land Survey Drafting services Provider with 5 years of experience, we have done thousand of jobs from Residential, Commercial, Subdivision, Industrial to Golf courses for surveying firms in US, Australia, UK, Canada, …

We are a leading provider of a full array of cost-effective land survey drafting services to clients from across industries and of all sizes.

Our land survey drafting services include:

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022


 A detail survey drafting is carried out to locate all features on a piece of land. This includes both natural and man-made structures. Natural features include vegetation of all sorts – rocks, trees, stumps and so on. Man-made structures include anything built above the ground – buildings, walls, driveways, utilities and so on.

Another feature of a detail survey is that it takes a look at the elevation of the land. It will collect data regarding points of elevation in the land and any contours on the land.

Features included in a detail survey include but are not limited to:

+ Boundaries

+ Contours

+ Site coordination

+ Location of features

+ Ridge and gutter heights

+ Trees

+ Outline of neighbouring buildings

+ Levelling

+ Spot levels

+ Easements

+ Underground Services

We also do Identification Surveys, Set out surveys, Peg out Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Topographic surveys, Construction survey, Subdivision survey, Easement surveys, Final Thoughts.

Moreover, we do Internal Survey Drafting which show an accurate representation of a building’s existing floor plan. These plans can display simple or highly detailed information of the area. Some of the typical features that are requested are.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021



We offer Land surveying drafting services for all your Land Surveying business needs. Aidedo Team is dedicated to providing quality drafting services while ensuring adherence to ethics. Added to that, we aim to maintain strong client relationships by providing surpassing accuracy and attention to details.​​

At Aidedo, we understand the importance of this job, therefore our main focus lies in developing and delivering high-quality drawings that are accurate, as well as providing the client/firms with all the information they are looking for. We work with the latest drafting softwares such as: AutoCAD, Civil 3D and our team is well-trained  in each one of them.

We have worked with global clients and earned trust by providing quality drawings. Aidedo provides exemplary services, and the clients’ satisfaction is on top of our priorities.

Our team of experienced Land Surveying Drafting is eager to help with your upcoming projects. By working with us, your business will reduce costs and increase productivity.

We offer the various types of services below:

+ Residential Title Surveys

+ Commercial Title Surveys

+ Platting/Re-Platting Surveys

+ Topographic Surveys

+ Boundary Surveys

+ Tree Surveys

+ ALTA/NSPS Surveys

+ TABC Liqour License Surveys

+ Cell Tower/Communication Surveys

We take pleasure in offering competitive rates and fast turnaround times, 24 hours to most jobs. We are also readily available to handle to those last minute rush jobs that are inevitable in this field with ease and help alleviate the stress off of you.​

If you have any inquiries about Land Survey Drafting Services for your upcoming projects, please do not hesitate to contact us, or you can just fill out our online form here. Outsourcing your work to a sufficient provider always bring you great advantages in your business.


Friday, March 5, 2021



So, you have tried civil engineering outsourcing services a few times but realized that the quality is not the same each time. Or you’re considering and concerned about the quality of the services. How can you assure the output quality?

There are many factors that can influence the quality of an outsourcing provider. Communication misunderstandings, bad approach to projects, inexperienced data management, shortage in resources or planning, any of these problems will affect the quality of your projects greatly.

How can you make sure that the quality of the provider you choose for outsourcing is good? How about taking care of all tasks within your own company? How can you assure the quality of the human resources of your partner? Will you really just need to manage very little for the tasks to be done following the deadlines well? A lot of questions will keep popping up your mind as you are searching for a good outsourcing provider.

Well, we have something to help you. Below are 5 key factors to look closely.

1. Make sure the provider has good experience in the field.

2. The objectives should be standardized and clear:

First of all, you can help your partner understand your company’s style by giving them features of your company’s culture, insight on how to create your products or services, projects you’ve done, visions, etc. After that, check to make sure your requests are understood, deadlines are noted, standards are followed.

3. The parts of your projects to outsource are suitable.

4. Try to build up an understanding with your partner.

The more you work with them, the more they understand you and meet your requirements. After having enough time, your outsourcing provider will master your objectives and have better awareness in terms of your styles and standards. You should feedback to them often, discuss and feed them with more ideas. That helps a lot for the quality to be improved.

5. You can ask for sample works with your own projects.

We put quality at the core in providing services.

Knowledge about standards of quality are mastered by our staff at the beginning of their career here. We strive to ensure the highest quality in all steps of our process.

Once we agree on the details you ask, we will follow them. Standards of the quality we try to achieve here stick to international standards. That’s why we apply the best management models for our company.

To make sure we meet all deadlines, model control and project planning are well done and followed.

At Aidedo, we make sure that great effort is put in every piece of work we do, from communicate with you, to plan, to execute. Eventually, in the end, the key factor to good business for us is, you are satisfied!

Should you have any questions or queries about outsourcing works, please feel free to email contact@aidedo.com. We will be in touch!


Wednesday, November 4, 2020



Outsourcing your tasks in civil engineering has become a popular choice these days since there is a number of benefits. Let’s list a few of them:

1. Focus on main activities, outsource the rest:

Anyone in the field understand that we need to be able to work on a lot of tasks, at the same time: conducting meeting with clients and partners, visiting sites of construction, submitting plans to the government, drawing, designing, printing plans, checking the works to make sure of the quality, etc. Can you and your staff do everything? Yes, you can. But should you? Almost every task would take a lot of your time, more employees – in most cases, sure a lot more of stress, and operational cost, and more investments, etc. What do you think if you could just consider outsourcing your tasks to another partner, a civil engineering outsourcing company in particular? That would not only deal with the issues we mentioned above, but also help you and your team members focus just on the core values of the company.

2. Lower your costs:

You need a number of specific equipment and tools for your civil engineering tasks. Instead of investing money to meet the need of some projects, outsourcing those tasks will save you much cost. One more beneficial factor you will realize is the labor charges in the outsourcing company’s country will be significantly lower than those in your country. In conclusion, it’s expected that a lot of your costs can be saved.

3. Enhanced productivity:

As we mentioned above, the time and effort you can save from outsourcing will be promising, especially when you will invest these resources into other projects of yours. The team you choose to outsource for sure will do the best so that the quality remains the same as when you do it yourselves. The effort you can save, you spend them on other projects, and the quality will be much better than when you have to focus on a lot of projects. Your productivity will be boosted to a new high.

4. Faster Turnaround Times:

The deadlines you set for your projects can be met earlier if you outsource your non-core tasks. All you need to do is to research carefully enough for a quality outsourcing service which can guarantee you a fast turnaround time as well as a quality service.

5. Set your company free from heavy investments:

Equipments, tools and staff cost you a great deal, especially in the field of technology. Having a quality outsourcing provider will ensure you a huge cut on those expenditure.

Should you have any questions or queries about outsourcing works. Let us know via contact@aidedo.com.

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Sunday, August 9, 2020



Land Development Design is an important part of any development project. It takes a lot of designing and drafting efforts and each hour is billable time. So should you outsource land development design and drafting to outsourcing services? To save your cost and take many benefits of the outsourcing trends.

Trained and worked with qualified professional engineers (PE), our team of engineers and drafters is well equipped with land development knowledge to help projects meet all local regulations.

From Residential, Commercial to Industrial projects, we have completed a number of Land Development projects and helped our clients satisfy the project’s schedule, budget, and flexibility.

Outsourcing your Land Development design and Drafting to Aidedo – your quality partner to get a full range of our related services such as Subdivision Planning, Feasibility Studies, Residential Subdivisions, Industrial Developments, off-site roadway and utility services… We also support you on plan sheets set up and creation which meets your standards and company form including:

+ Cover Sheet & General Notes

+ Site Plan

Grading Plan

+ Existing Conditions Plan

+ Demolition Plan

+ Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

+ Stormwater Management Plan

+ BMP Plan

Utility Plan and Profiles

+ Road and Pipe Profiles

+ Sight Distance Plan and Profiles

+ Landscape Plan

+ State and County Standard Details

+ Department of Transportation (DOT) Details

If you are keen to find out more about how our firm can support you to complete your Land Development design and drafting, please contact us today. You can fill out our online form here or contact us via contact@aidedo.com

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Monday, August 3, 2020


Utility network design and modeling is a part of nearly every civil engineering project. Thus, outsourcing utility network design and drafting help your daily workload greatly reduce.

How can we do it?

You provide us a basic or just a hand sketch then you will get 2D layout and 3D model of pipe system which will meet the city’s regulation and full of labels on Plan & Profile for your project.

Our engineers and drafters are highly qualified and are very proficient in using the latest technologies such as AutoCAD 2D, AutoCAD Civil 3D to process utility network design and modeling needs within short turnaround time.

If you are keen to find out more about how our firm can support you to complete your utility network design and modeling tasks, contact us today. You can fill out our online form or contact us via contact@aidedo.com

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All land surveying companies need drafting members to produce drawings that show the gathered information from surveyors. However, you can j...